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Just called to get a quote and spoke with the owner. He was very nice and professional. I live somewhat out of his service area but he really tried to work with me to schedule an appointment that would work for both of us. As of right now I haven't scheduled but was very impressed with how much time he spent with me on the phone to work around our schedules.


Prompt response to my phone call even though it was after hours. The owner was kind enough to accommodated us since we had people coming to look at our house, which was up for sale. The job he did made such a difference in the presentation. Our white carpets looked great and smelled good too after he finished with them. The best customer service.Best carpet cleaner we have experienced. Carpets came out sparkling clean and soft. Great attention to detail, especially on the stairs, and highly professional


I used the free carpet cleaning quote tool on the website and received a response within 24 hours. Jerry was very patient and communicative about my questions. We had two rugs that were overdue for cleaning. My cat had marked a few spots on one over and over. Though my husband and I had a steamcleaner and went over the spots time and time again, trying all kinds of solutions, the cat would always find the spots and re-mark. Jerry assured me that if Impact could not remove the odors we would not be charged. It's been almost three months now and the cat has not marked anywhere. We are thrilled! We will definitely rely on Impact for any future carpet cleaning needs.


 This is second time around using Jerry for carpet cleaning, and I couldn't be happier. I had some very tough stains on my living and dinning room carpets, but with the work of Jerry, my carpets look brand new. I also felt Jerry put his all in his work and didn't do a rush job for money. He actually takes time to make sure the job is perfect. I would highly recommend this business for anyone looking for a top-notch job. 

This is our commercial for our deodorizer product that eliminates Mildew and urine odor

 If I could give him 10 stars I would! I wish I had taken a "before" picture. Having three dogs my carpet was destroyed. It now looks brand new !!   I had a living social coupon with someone else who gave me such a hard time about making an appointment that I forfeited the money and did an online search which brought me to Jerry and Impact,  Professional, polite ~ the only thing I won't do is wait so long to call him again.  Thank you ! 


 Ok I decided to give this company a try.  I had been happy with the carpet cleaners I had been using but when I saw a five star review I decided I had to give them a try.  I mean who gets five stars?  Also, I saw they cleaned tile grout.  That was the clincher for me.  I had never heard of this before....Previously I used to clean the grout with a bleach gel pen and a scrub brush.  A very messy process that usually ended up with me getting bleach on something I didn't want :(  :(  Also all the reviews said their prices were the best.   So, anyway, Jerry came and did a knock out job.  My cheap builders grade carpets that were really bad and hadn't been cleaned in six years look brand new and the grout... Ahhh no more need to be embarrassed with company coming.  Can't thank Jerry and his company Impact enough!!! 


 Believe the hype - Jerry is a great businessman who does an excellent job on carpets. I was moving out of my apartment last month and needed to have my carpets cleaned, so I came on Yelp to find a business. Seeing all the positive reviews here, I contacted Impact Carpet Cleaning to schedule an appointment. Jerry said he'd call me the night before to confirm and a half hour before he came, both of which he followed through on. On the day of, we moved around our timing a little (which actually worked out better for me) and Jerry was very kind and appreciative of my flexibility. Jerry did a great job on the carpets in under an hour. Great overall experience and would absolutely hire again. 


 Jerry was an absolute dream to work with!  Albeit we had some delay in communication in the beginning, became through above and beyond in the end!  Originally I had wanted to get the carpets done today(6/22) as we were moving in on 6/24.  Jerry was all booked but when he heard the need to get it done before he move/kids in the house he made it work! Left another job at 530ish and got to me by 7pm.  He then stayed until 10!!!! And made sure I was super happy with everything.  I was amazed at the quality and speediness of his work(we had a LOT of VERY dirty carpets). As someone who is a little OCD about cleaning, he far exceeded my expectations!  I cannot recommend him highly enough!! 


Jerry was so awesome to work with and the carpets are spotless! He communicated clearly, worked efficiently, and did a thorough job. I couldn't ask for more and recommend Impact Carpet Cleaning to anyone.


Jerry did a fantastic job!!! He was professional and on time. Of the online contact forms I submitted, he was the only one to respond! Our rugs look great, and worked very quickly. AND he told us he also does grout work!!
Would use again and would recommend!


Our carpets look brand new, even our steps which had taken a beating.  We also had an upholstered sectional done - also looks brand new.  Jerry is an extremely hard worker, and has great attention to detail.  He was on-time, neat and stood by his quote.  Highly recommend.


My mom, who lived in Philadelphia when she was a young professional, always talks about how she misses the great service that small Philly companies provide. I never knew quite what she was talking about until I used Jerry's services upon moving into a new Philadelphia apartment. I needed two carpets cleaned and a brand new white couch sealed. We hit a few bumps along the way (parking in Center City...), all of which he handled in stride. He added sanitizers, cleaned my couch before sealing, and gave me a bottle of the cleaner he makes (don't use anything else!!!!) all because he felt bad about me paying the parking tickets. My carpets are clean and beautiful (after years of living with cats), and I feel comfortable using my white couch without any hesitation. I'm so grateful to have had Jerry for this big to-do that truly made my place brand new. I'll be using him again next year to touch-up and reseal my couch. Can't wait!




Had the basement cleaned today and the stairs. Highly recommend Jerry. The carpet is over 20 years old and had dark stains everywhere. Looks brand new! I couldn't believe how good it looked!





Wow. I cannot tell you how impressed  I was with the job Jerry did on our carpet. First off, I didn't think it was salvageable. I thought most of the stains were not coming out and that the musk smell was destined to stay there forever... The results were perfect. Jerry was timely, professional, responsive, and even educational as far as what he was doing and why his services were going to be more effective than most carpet cleaners. He invested a lot of money into his machine and the results speak for themselves. I do regret not taking a before picture, but if you see the other pictures from other reviewers here I think you will understand. He also offers other services like furniture cleaning and whatnot that I plan on taking him up on in the future. Oh and his price was beyond reasonable.



I was looking around for a carpet and tile cleaner prior to our moving in to a new home.  Our timing was tight and Jerry made it work.  The home we purchased was in fantastic shape, but we wanted to be sure that carpets were really clean because of our toddler playing on them.  There was only one problem spot in one room that needed some work and Jerry took the time to make it look great.  At the end of the day, the carpets looked new, the tile floor was shining, and we are very happy.

Jerry is reasonable with pricing and he kept me informed as to his arrival from the night before until right up to his being on site.  I used Jerry primarily based on the reviews found here on Yelp.  The reviews were honest and on point, and I'm happy to add mine as well.  I highly recommend using Impact Carpet Cleaning and have already referred friends to him.


Yesterday Jerry cleaned our family room and our stairs and hallway. The results are amazing! Everything looks brand new. The price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend Impact Carpet cleaning. We will certainly use this company again!


I have used Impact Carpet Cleaning twice so far and I have to say that they are now my "go-to" company for carpet cleaning. I first learned of Impact from Yelp in 2014 when I needed carpets cleaned in a condo rental unit my family owns.  I have no idea what the tenants did to make the carpet so dirty but they were actually black at the entryway with numerous spill stains throughout the dining and living room.  When Jerry was done cleaning I couldn't believe the black stains and the spill stains were gone and the carpets looked brand new. A few months ago I again needed the carpets cleaned at the condo for new tenants.  I actually thought this time I was going to have to re-carpet the whole condo because the carpets were such a mess with one of the bedrooms smelling of urine. Unfortunately Jerry at Impact wasn't available on such short notice and instead I used another Yelp reviewed company which only had one review. It was dark by the time the carpets were done and so I didn't really notice until the next day that they weren't cleaned.  My tenants had to move in the next day and I was really embarrassed when they pointed out the dirty carpets and the urine smell.  In a panic I called Jerry at Impact and had him come in and re-clean the carpets.  Again, amazingly, the carpets came clean and the smell was gone.  I can't thank Jerry enough for saving me thousands of dollars by not having to re-carpet the whole condo.  It's about time for my own house carpets to be cleaned and it's a no-brainer who I'm going to call.


Impact did an amazing job on our carpets. I thought they were not savable, but I thought I would give cleaning a try because we could not afford to replace. Now they look NEW! I can't wait to have them back to clean and seal my basement.


Now that winter is over we wanted to clean our carpets.  Between our feet and the dog's paws the high traffic areas were starting to look a bit off.  Plus, we have a baby on the way, and plan to spend a lot of time on the floors with her.  It was time to clean the carpets.

I called Impact because of the good reviews on Yelp.  After leaving a message, Jerry called me back within an hour.  He was able to accommodate my schedule and fit me in Monday morning, just a few days later.  The price he quoted was reasonable and on par with previous service.

While Jerry was a bit late for our appointment, he called ahead to let me know he was running behind and, without me asking, knocked 15% off the price of the service.

The service was quick and clean.  He vacuumed with a powerful vacuum that I could hear sucking out deep-down dirt that our vacuum must have left behind.  He then steamed and deodorized the carpets.  He lifted each piece of furniture to clean underneath and left them sitting on styrofoam to allow the carpet to dry.

Jerry was able to remove some carpet stains that had been here since we bought the house (and a previous carpet cleaner was unable to remove).  Also, he said if any of the stains reappear he'd be happy to return, free of charge, and steam them out again.

He was very careful not to damage the hard wood floors.  He used drop clothes to stop the hoses from rubbing, and was careful not to damage the banisters as the hose wound its way up and down the steps.

I will definitely be using Impact Carpet Cleaning in the future should we need the carpets cleaned again.

Update:  we used jerry again this year and the service was just as good.  He called 30 minutes in advance, was clean and nice, moved furniture as necessary, and the price was good.


Service was EXCELLENT!! The carpets look brand new like the day they were installed (14 years ago ) Jerry the owner was awesome and so friendly and helpful. I would recommend these guys to anyone and would never use another carpet cleaning service. They are my go to carpet cleaning guys!!! Thanks!!


There's a reason you use Yelp. This is one of them.

I scheduled with the owner, Jerry, for April 1st.  He said he would be here between 2 and 4. He arrived at 3:30 and called me 25 minutes before he arrived to let me know he would be here.  

He moved all the furniture around to clean under it and moved all the furniture back to its original position.  

There were major stains in my carpet and now they are gone.  Pictures included.

He ran out of water after about 1.5 hours of cleaning and needed to use some of my water to refill.  Everything he changed he restored to its original state.  

TL;DNR = 10/10 would use again.


After our apartment was destroyed from the sprinkler pipes bursting, our furniture sustained water damage and was covered in dirt and debris from the industrial fans that the restoration crew had blowing. We weren't sure what we were going to with our furniture and we were worried that we would have to replace our entire living room set and throw away additional prices. We decided before we spent a ton of money on new furniture we should at least try to have them cleaned. We knew that we needed a real professional to save our stuff. We called Impact Carpet Cleaning  and got an appointment for the next day. Jerry came by and proceeded to steam clean and sanitize our couches, love seat, and a futon to a like-new-state. He was incredibly thorough, making sure to get into ever last crevice and just did an amazing job! He was an incredibly nice guy as well and was respectful of our time and home. I can't say enough nice things about him and his business. I would recommend Impact Carpet Cleaning to anybody who needs their carpets or upholstery cleaned.


I called Jerry on a Thursday to explain my fairly new beige carpet was covered in stains from my cat who had gotten sick. I had tried everything to get them out with no luck. He made me an appointment for Saturday, explaining there was a chance they wouldn't be able to be completely removed and he wanted to be upfront.

He came this morning and was very pleasant and chatty. He cleaned the carpet in about 40 minutes and it looks PERFECT! I am so excited.

He has been in this business a long time and had great customer service, even offering to come back out if I noticed anything he missed (which he didn't-he was SO comprehensive).

Great company, guy and a terrific job cleaning the carpet!


Awesome service, the  owner worked on our whole house and was extremely professional, hard-working, fair and honest. We will always use him. Hard to find good people, highly recommend. Many Thanks


I've used Impact Carpet Cleaning several times at two properties. I have two pets and a baby, so clean carpets and furniture are a concern! Jerry is fast, friendly, and does a great job for a fair price. I would highly recommend Impact.


Easy to work with....great customer service...fantastic cleaning...would definitely recommend them to others.  They even cleaned up any salt they dragged in and also gave me a free bottle of odor remover!


Jerry does great work! He came out on a Saturday despite threats of heavy snow and left our carpets looking great.  Also love the fact that his products do not smell strongly of chemicals but still get the job done!


Jerry does amazing work. Our house looks and smells terrific. He is courteous, on time, and his rates are very reasonable. He takes time to explain how everything works and is more than willing to stand behind his work 100%. Missed a spot? No problem. He will come out and take care of it, no questions asked. We will absolutely use Impact for all our cleaning needs.


I had my whole house cleaned a few months ago and they did a great job. They were very fast, it took about an hour. They removed some stains I thought were permanent and were affordable. I would recommend them and use them again.


I had to write an update to my review and update my 4 stars to 5 stars (I wish they had 10 stars).  There was an issue that arose after having impact came out to clean my carpet.  I contacted Jerry and got a prompt response, we discussed the issue and he made arrangements to have someone come to check it out.  He was very responsive and not one of those businesses that disappear after they are paid.  Long story short the issue was resolved and Jerry even gave me a follow up call to make sure everything was taken care of.   I wish they did more because they deliver the type of service and care that you want to hire for everything.  This company rocks!


Jerry and Impact Carpet Cleaning deserve every nice word said about them in the other reviews. I had a carpet I wanted cleaned and they were able to schedule to come over the next weekend.  They were right on time and even explained to me what the heck they were doing to the rug to clean it.

The rug looks brand new, and my place smelled fantastic afterwards. I couldn't be happier with Impact  Carpet Cleaning!


We hired impact to clean our carpets and sectional couch.  They did a great job at a very reasonable price. You hear stories about other places trying the hard up-sell, but there was none of that from Impact.  The owner Jerry showed us what they were doing to clean the carpets which was nice. We will definitely hire them again.


Great guys and great work!  My sofa looks brand new after they cleaned it. I also had the grout on my kitchen floor cleaned and it looks fantastic. Will definitely send business their way and use them for myself again.


Jerry just finished a job and I am impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail.  I've worked with other companies who do not even compare and would highly recommend Impact Carpet Cleaning! I really liked that he is honest with the work that needs to be done, if something really didn't need to be cleaned he would tell me.  I felt he is concerned about customer service before anything else and that is hard to find with other companies in the industry. He confirms the appointments, shows up on time, and will come back if I wasn't satisfied.  Great company!


Impact Carpet Cleaning did wonders to our carpets! We hired them twice for our last apartment and our house. They made our carpets look brand new. I would definitely hire them again!!


Jerry and Impact were terrific and I wouldn't look to any other business. He's responsive, professional and customer driven. The quality of the work is high, and the overall experience is great.


The previous tenant had already steam cleaned the carpets before moving out, but it's obvious it wasn't a good job. Maybe they rented a steamer and did it themselves or something. Jerry came and did a great thorough job. There were ugly ink(?) spots that we thought were probably impossible to get out. We told Jerry to do what he could. He got most of it out. Faint, but way more than what we were expecting. Would use Jerry and his company again.


Jerry is the man. My basement flooded during a carpet clean that he did a fantastic job on, and he shop-vac'd the entire thing, free of charge. This kind of service is legendary.


Got an appt. quickly & Jerry did a great job cleaning my sofa (& getting rid of a nasty odor) and rugs. Would definitely use this company again.


I had my living room furniture cleaned.  The service was friendly and professional.  They were on time, and took care to protect my newly refinished hard wood floors.  I have a large Golden Retriever who loves to lounge on the couch.  You would never know now.  I would definitely recommend Impact and will certainly use them again!


I'm just writing a review to commend this business's excellent customer service and helpful attitude. I think I misunderstood what kind of cleaning they did, but whoever I spoke to on the phone put me in touch with someone who could provide the cleaning help that I needed even though it didn't benefit this business directly. I just thought it was awesome customer service, so I wanted to write a review to express my appreciation.


Excellent service and very friendly. 100% professional.

The house smells great and I could see the results immediately.


Jerry was the only man in town (I called every number I could find for upholstery cleaning) who was willing to touch a leather sofa that had urine on it.  My cat used my roommate's leather couch as a bathroom, and paying for a professional cleaning sure beats replacing a large leather sofa!  Jerry was professional, nice, on time, and did a great job.  Definitely would recommend.


I have used Impact carpet cleaning almost 7 years now and would seriously cry if Jerry/Impact ever left When Jerry cleans my carpets with his amazing steam cleaning system I feel like I just took happy pills cause he brings my carpets back to life again. My son seems to drag in all the  car oil from the streets and Jerry has never failed getting the stains up. His method drys in hours. I can now feel good again letting my  11 month old grand daughter crawl on the carpet.  Don't think twice about calling Impact for the holidays! Thanks Jerry for always making me so happy after your done. A+


Yesterday was the second time our company had Jerry clean the office carpets.  Last year our office carpets had not been cleaned in seven years.  Jerry came in and did an absolutely amazing job.  The building smelled much better and the carpets looked great.  We called Jerry this year to clean the carpets again.  And, as before, he did a great job.  We highly recommend Impact Carpet Cleaning.


i called jerry based on the yelp reviews and im glad i did. professional, courteous, and most importunity, insanely good at cleaning carpets. he came into about the most intimidating situation you could get -- shithole germantown neighborhood, ten drunk friends of my tenant on the front porch, and the filthiest carpets you could ever imagine. i half expected him to take one look at them and say good luck. instead, he made the carpets look new again. he explained that his 60 horsepower four cylinder nissan engine powered steam cleaner was the best, most powerful on the market. it blasts steam at 230 degrees to get out any stain (stanley steamer only 170 degrees), he cleaned my entire 800 sq ft 2 bedroom apt for 100 bucks. the whole thing was done in about 45 minutes. i could not be more pleased with jerry's service. he was a godsend.


High quality work. Fast, reliable and very fairly priced. Jerry confirmed appt the day before, called when on the way & showed up on time!! My stairwell in rental was filthy from high traffic. Jerry was able to restore it to looking fairly new........i will use them again......HIGHLY reccomended!


Good prices and easy to schedule. He arrived on time and quickly cleaned my rugs, carpets, and sofa. No problems. I recommend. Mentioned I found out about his business on Yelp and got a discount.


We had to move out of a friend's house that we had been staying in for over a year with our small dog who occasionally had an accident in the house and this was the best carpet cleaning deal around. He was the most reasonably priced, very professional and removed every single spot from the carpet. Our friend was equally impressed with the condition of the house when he returned. Highly recommend.


They do a great job. I had spots in my carpet that I thought would never come out.


I hired services of Impact Carpet Cleaning to clean my sectional coach and carpets. The executives did a great job. Services were reasonable priced. I would recommend this to everyone.


I spoke with Jerry to set up my appointment last week.  He arrived on time and was very friendly.  He performed an excellent job.  Carpets came out wonderful.  My son's room was certainly a challenge so he took extra time to clean his room.  I would definitely use his services again.


Jerry is the best in the business!  We've used him over and over and we have never been less than 100% satisfied.  His machine is so powerful - our rugs are hardly even damp when he's done, and everything smells so good from the deodorizer he uses.  Jerry always accommodates us - whether it's a routine cleaning, or an emergency situation.  He is friendly, professional, and all around perfect at what he does!  I recommend him to all of our friends and family, and he has wow'd every single person I have referred him to.  He's the best!!!


I've used other carpet cleaning companies in the past.This is like nothing I have ever experienced. Such a professional company. This is a rental property I own . The last tenants destroyed the carpets . Burned the carpets with Iron. I didn't have the money to replace them . Thank god I called Impact Carpet Cleaning. Jerry is a miracle worker. He is so easy to deal with.I will recommend Impact Carpet Cleaning to everyone.


Just had my carpets cleaned by Impact.  I have 3 dogs.  The odor is gone - he used a deodorizer that I've never heard of.  It's his own product.  I'll be buying a bottle off his website.  Jerry showed me the hair he got up in his machine.  Unbelievable!  Lesson - vacuum a lot when you have dogs!  I'll be calling them again for my next cleaning.


I rely heavily on reviews when choosing places to go or services to use.  And because I rely so heavily on reviews, I believe it's only right to provide my feedback for others to rely on.  As a child my parents never had a carpet cleaning service come to the house to clean their carpets.  But once I had kids, I couldn't imagine how they went so many years without a professional cleaning.  I didn't know who to use, and my neighbor (about 4 houses down) had Impact Carpet Cleaning at her house the other day.  I went up to the truck and Jerry, the owner, gave me his business card.  I was lucky enough to get an appointment within a week, as he had a cancellation and promised me a call if that happened.  He gave me a 2 hour arrival window, and he texted me 30 minutes before he arrived.  The process was seamless.  He cleaned my living room, dining room. office and training room.  The carpets were consumed with chocolate icing, spilled iced tea and gatorade, pizza sauce, and unfortunately, pet urine.   My kids are a disaster, but you would never know it now!  My carpets are like new!  It's really unbelievable, the before and after.  All stains came out.  All of them! And he has his own product to treat pet odor.  The smell is gone. And it never came back.  He gave me a price over the phone, and that is the price he charged me when he was finished.  You just never know what you're in for in these types of situations.  They give you one price, then when they get to your house, the price doubles.  Not these guys.  True to their word.  The machine was in his truck and he only had to run hoses into my house.  I could tell that he took a lot of pride in his work.  He took the time to show me his machine and how the cleaning process worked with a truck mount system.  I've seen what those portable machines can do - my sister used a company with a portable.  You just can't compare the two.  The power of his truck mount machine was like nothing I've ever seen.  He told me he also cleans mattresses and upholstery.  That will be next on my list when I call them.  If you rely on reviews like I do, listen to me.  This is the company to use.  You won't find better.  It's rare that you find a genuine company that just wants to do good work and provide the best experience for their customers.  Spring cleaning time is near.  Get your carpets and furniture cleaned by Impact.  You'll be glad you did!


Today was my second time using Impact Carpet Cleaning and once again I am blown away with the results.  The owner, Jerry, is incredibly personable and professional.  I have three young children and four pets so my carpets take some abuse.  He takes a lot of pride in his business and it shows.  He does a thorough job for a reasonable price.  You won't be disappointed!


Excellent service!@ My carpets were in very bad shape. My carpets look like new. He was very professional and a genuine caring person. He worked with me as I was not prepared prior to his arrival. He cleaned an extra carpet at no additional expense. I would recommend Jerry/ Impact to all. I plan to continue to use him again. Very professional and kind. Thank you Jerry!


I have never written a review in my 62 years of living on this earth, but I would be 100% remiss if I didn't share with you the incredible service and professionalism extended to me by Jerry of Impact Carpet Cleaning! He is the epitome of what customer service should be. The quality of work was unparalleled. Not only did he clean the carpets I hired him to do, he saw a stain on another carpet and took care of it without me even asking!

I unequivocally recommend Impact Carpet Cleaning if you want a great job done by a true professional at a fair price!


I never had my carpets cleaned.  Ever.  Then I had my grandchildren over while my daughter went on vacation and all 3 kids got sick at the same time! Like nothing I ever experienced in my life!  I have a big house.  There was vomit everywhere!  I called Impact because I saw the reviews on Yelp.  OMG, thank God!  And everything came out!  No stains, no smell!  When I called, Jerry said not to treat it with anything because he had a product that works.  Don't touch it.  I can't believe it all came out!  It was a nightmare!  And while he was here I was talking about how this all started in the middle of the night with the youngest, so he asked if I needed the mattresses cleaned.  Mattresses!  I didn't even think of that!  And they were dry by bedtime.  My house is like new.  Can't say enough about this company!  What a Godsend! Read less


Having a toddler and some pets presents many challenges.  One of the biggest... keeping carpets and furniture clean.  We found ourselves in a dilemma a couple Christmases ago.  You see, our family was always accustomed to coming to our home every Christmas Eve. However, this particular Christmas, we were not sure we were going to be able to deliver on the promise of hosting Christmas Eve. Our carpets and furniture were just too embarrassingly messy to have people see.

Jerry to the rescue!  After one single call, Jerry agreed to come out and take care of our carpet problem, on what was probably the busiest week of the year... the week leading up to Christmas.  I will admit, I was skeptical that ANYONE would be able to get our floors "company ready".  But, having nothing else left to lose, I decided to rely upon all of the five star reviews I saw on Yelp about Impact Carpet Cleaning.

Jerry did not disappoint... in fact, he amazed me!!!  Our carpets and furniture looked BRAND SPANKING NEW when he was done with them!

I have since recommended him to all of my family and friends. I simply cannot imagine another carpet cleaning service coming even close to the spectacular job that Jerry did. Now, everyone I know who has used Jerry has had nothing but the highest of praise to say about Jerry and his business.

Jerry definitely takes his time and puts in a lot of extra effort into doing what he does. He explains everything he is doing to you, step-by-step, so that he addresses all of your questions and concerns.

Now that some time has passed, our 4-year-old child and our pets have once again taken a toll on our carpets and furniture. I was not concerned at all this time, for I knew that on my refrigerator was a magnet with the telephone number and email address of IMPACT CARPET CLEANING!

I sent an email, and within a short time I heard back from Chris, in the company's office. I think I almost went into heart failure when Chris told me that the company had since moved, and we may not be in the company's service area any longer. A short while after that, I received another email from Chris. Turns out that she spoke with Jerry, and Jerry told her that he had no problem with coming all the way back out to service our home again.  THANK YOU BABY JESUS!!!

If I could give Impact Carpet Cleaning more than five stars, I would. You just don't find such high-quality work, and total customer service satisfaction like this these days anymore.  I would not hesitate recommending them to anybody!


Yesterday was the second time we've had Impact clean all of our carpets. Jerry (owner) is one of the most professional and hard working guys we've come across. After moving in our house and furniture, the carpets took a beating and had many dark spots/patches. Jerry cleaned them so well that they now look brand new. We even had him clean an almost 15yr old sectional upholstered couch and kitchen chairs, both of which came up beautifully. After our rug cleaning yesterday, I accidentally got some spots on the newly cleaned rugs. I called Jerry to see how I could remove them, and he offered to come back to clean them again ( even though it was my mistake!). If you are on the fence about who to go with to clean your rugs and upholstery, please go with Impact Carpet Cleaning. I only write reviews when I feel strongly about a business, and we have been so pleased with Jerry that we hope this review brings him many more happy customers. His work is top notch, he's punctual, thorough and moves furniture with care. You will be surprised at how reasonable his prices are for how hard he works. The results speak for themselves. Can't say enough good things about this business or Jerry. Thanks so much, we will continue to use you and tell everyone we know about your fantastic work!!


I used impact carpet cleaning on one of my rentals and when I saw what a wonderful job Jerry did especially with the stains I thought were not going to come out I have not used any one else for any of my other rentals. He is always on time and has fair prices. If you have pets or just need any kind of carpet cleaning I highly recommend this guy.


Great guy, came out to west Philadelphia, he spent about 2 1/2 hours maybe three! Pretreatment and then cleaned the carpet. It was a reasonable price. He was very respectable & polite!


I called Impact to take care of the carpets in a house that had smoke damage. I spoke to a gentleman name Jerry who explained the complete process that he was going to do. They were very prompt in arriving to the house and to say that they did the job fantastic would be an understatement!! I was so please, I called them to do a second location for me. I high recommend them if your looking for a company that is knowledgeable, prompt, professional and thorough in their work!!


The property management company I work for has been using Impact for a few years now, and we've never been disappointed. Early mornings, weekends, small jobs or large, Jerry has always done a wonderful job in a clean and prompt manner. Highly recommended.


I recommend Impact Carpet cleaning to everyone! Jerry is extremely professional and really truly cares about his customers.  100% the best there is when it comes to great service!  Thank you Alicia from Philly!


If I could give higher than five stars I would! I had major water damage in my living room from a roof leak and thought that I would need to replace the entire room before calling Jerry! Not only was he on time and extremely professional but he made what I thought to be ruined rugs look like new! I hope that if your out there looking for a carpet cleaner that Impact is the business that you consider! Thank you!!


Great service! Always on time and very courteous. Gets in and out in a timely fashion. I will continue to use Impact in the future and highly recommend them.


I have been a faithful customer for at least 5 years.  Jerry has been extremely professional, flexible, and courteous.  The quality of service has been consistent for the time I have been using this company.  A few years ago, I adopted a dog and my off white carpets were almost destroyed in certain areas.  When Jerry came out to the home he assured me the carpets would look like new again.  To my surprise my carpets returned to a bright off white color even though my carpets are at least 10 years old.  I highly recommend this company for all of your service needs.  There are a variety of service providers out there who have all kinds of gimmicks and high prices.  You will NEVER encounter that with this company.  Give them a try and I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed.  IMPACT CARPET cleaning for all of your service needs.  ***** (Five Star rating).


I am a property manager and I have tenants moving out all the time.  Jerry at Impact Carpet Cleaning is always ready to be at a unit to save carpets from being ripped up and replaced.  When the cleaning is done they look brand new.  Also he is honest enough to say they need to be replaced.  Great work and customer service.  I love working with this company!!
Maria Rosetti Mercury Real Estate Group.


I've been using Jerry at Impact Carpet Cleaning for the last 15 years.  Usually my wife and I will call him every 3-4 months unless we need him for a special occasion.  He has been professional, courteous, honest and goes above and beyond to do his best for his customers.  In the last 15 years, I can say that he has helped to keep our carpets, fabric furniture, areas rugs and vehicle fabrics in the best shape.  Between the hot steam, the floor scrubber and his high pressure vacuum system, it's like taking all your carpets and fabrics to the cleaners and putting them back when they're done.  He works hard and long hours to make sure his customers are happy.  I have recommended him many times to family and friends and I will continue to do so.  
Thank you Jerry!


Had my family room carpet cleaned and my kitchen floor grout. Jerry did a great job, both look like new. Would highly recommend Impact.


I am thrilled with the results of having my carpets cleaned by Jerry. They look brand new! Jerry used new modern equipment, was prompt, professional and a perfectionist. I highly recommend Impact!


I would highly recommend Impact Carpet Cleaning.  Jerry was very professional and punctual.  My carpets look brand new again.  I have two younger children so he moved all my heavy furniture for me and even cleaned a small rug for no extra charge.  I will be using Jerry again for my carpet cleaning needs!


Great review for this company. Jerry steam cleaned our 27 yr old off white sofa back to white again. He cleaned and sealed our 113 yr old terrazzo kitchen floors and foyer quarry tile. Professional, consciousness attitude toward his work and client was as much appreciated as the fine work he does. Our kitchen and foyer are the size of a small apartment so he had his work cut out for him. As a Realtor, he was a great find. I will certainly feel comfortable recommending him to clients and friends.


Jerry is truly a caring business owner and it's clear he is all about customer service. It's rare to see these days.


We recently moved to Pennsylvania and were in need of professional carpet cleaning.  I turned to yelp and decided to hire Jerry based upon reviews.  I am pleased to report that the results live up to the hype!  A painless transaction with excellent communication (my initial phone call was returned within 24 hours), lovely results and a fair price.  Jerry is great!  I will use Impact Carpet Cleaning again.


My carpets weren't really bad but they did need some refreshing and there were a couple of stained areas I really wanted cleaned. I contacted Impact and Jerry called me the next day to give me a quote and I liked what I heard so set up an appointment.  He called me to let me know he was running a little late the day of the appointment and I really appreciated that. He took time to show and explain about the equipment he'd be using. He got out the stained areas and my carpets look the same now as when I moved in 4 years ago. Very pleased with the results and will be contacting Impact again when I need service and highly recommend them.


Found Impact Carpet Cleaning on Yelp and was impressed by all the good reviews. So I decided to call. I left a message and Jerry called me back that evening. I gave him information on what areas I needed cleaning and he gave me a quote (which was extremely reasonable) so I made an appointment. He told me he would call me the night before my appointment to confirm and he did just that. Jerry showed up on time and I have to say I was impressed that it was indeed Jerry that did the work. I have cream colored carpets that were installed in 2007. I love the carpet very much and wanted to keep them. From the moment Jerry stepped into my house I could tell he takes pride in his work. About an hour later I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My carpet looked brand new again. I will continue using Impact Carpet Cleaning in the future and I highly recommend him to everyone. Trust the rest of the reviews he really is that good!!!


I have used this cleaner for a year and a half. I have always enjoyed their consistency and integrity.


My mother asked me if I bought new carpets. Need I say more?

Jerry was amazing. He really cares about getting the job done right and making sure his customers are satisfied.


First class all the way! These guys live up to every 5 star review on here. Professional, courteous, the definition of excellent client service! The results were just as amazing. We thought we would have to buy new carpets. Jerry made are old carpets new again. Don't miss out on the best operation in the Philadelphia area!


I am writing this review and Jerry is still here!!! He has literally reduced me to TEARS!!!!!!

My inital call was to finalize some spring cleaning, typical carpet freshening, a beige couch that had become everyones favorite bed (you can IMAGINE my frustration with this!!!) While I always expect good service, I am VERY realisitic in my expectations. I told Jerry about my concerns and those that I was only meagerly optimistic about (my stone floors...more on that later). First up - There was an old spill of baby oil in brand new high pile BEIGE carpet that has since turned black...GONE!!!! WHAT!!!!!! I had an onry cat that, while neutered, sprayed an entire room! GONE!!!! WHAT, WHAT!!!!! Add to that that the tightly packed berber carpet looked "clean" when he showed me the dirt line I was a little grossed out! LOL My $2000 down filled custom sofa (bed for people in dark clothing and stain magnet for all things ridiculous) is SPOTLESS!!!!! I know most of this is my fault for loving light colors but hey!!!!
Now the tile floors. The floors are a rainbow teak sandstone (google it to see the beauty!) When they were intalled they were not properly sealed (my fault!) and quickly gobbled up dirt and oil from everyday kitchen use...They were now a weird shade between mud and dirt. I hated my new kitchen simply because of the floors. Everyone I called said they could do nothing to fix it. I told jerry I just wanted them cleaned so if I dropped a candy bar I could eat it! LOL I was not expecting anything more that a real good mopping! I decided to peek in while Jerry was working. I broke down into tears (and I am crying again while typing this!!!) when the floors that I assumed would have to be replaced in order to look good reappeared in all of their glory!!!!!!! I am overjoyed, overwhelmed and undeniably pleased with his work!!!!!! I expected a 50-75% overall cleanliness (just based on what we were working with) end up at 1000% and THEN SOME is amazing!!!! I never thought I'd cry over a little soapy water but THIS IS WORTH EVERY TEAR!!!!! Oh make things better....THE PRICE IS GREAT!!!!!! DO NOT use those overpriced commercial guys... CALL JERRY!!!! and feel free to contact me for a reference!!! I am a real person!!!!!!! I SWEAR!!!!!!!


Service was great. The owner was professional and nice. I will use him the next time I need something cleaned.


These guys are GREAT! They have a truck mounted steam cleaner and they couldn't be nicer or more professional! They were fast, and affordable. We had a pet oder in our carpet from the previous tenant. They came out cleaned the smell away in an hour. They were very nice, clean cut and very pleasant! My wife and I were worried as we have not lived in the area long and don't want to get duped or let some shady characters in our home, finding this company was a god sent!


I always wonder about businesses that have nothing but perfect reviews, but I will tell you, everything you read about Jerry and Impact Carpet Cleaning is absolutely true.  We have a number of pieces of upholstered furniture that had been in a non-climate controlled storage facility for a long time, and they were looking dirty and not smelling so good, either.  By the time Jerry was done with them, they looked and smelled almost brand new!  This guy puts the customer first, as he made sure I was happy with every piece of furniture that he cleaned, and he even steam cleaned the rug in the kids' playroom free of charge!  Best of all- I got estimates from four other upholstery cleaners, and Jerry was BY FAR the cheapest.  I will recommend Impact to everyone I know for upholstery and carpet cleaning.


Jerry came out on a bad snow day!!  Everything was professional, and done in a timely manner!! We will be calling them again!! Thanks!!


Jerry was professional, really nice and did a great job. I really enjoy having clean carpets that are actually *clean* (i.e. not loaded with chemicals).

Highly recommended!!!


Very helpful and trustworthy cleaners. They did an amazing job yesterday. My carpets look like brand new again and the price I paid was more than good. Amazing and affordable - thanks again so much!


I called this morning and he was here promptly when he said he would arrive. Excellent job. This carpet is a light beige and shows stains and spots vividly. All the spots are gone and the carpet is as good as new.
Highly recommend!


Jerry did a fantastic job from beginning to end.  He came when he said he would, his price was very fair, and he did a beautiful job bringing my mother's old beige wall-to-wall carpeting back to life.  Since I found Jerry through Yelp reviews, I wanted to add my own now.  I would highly recommend this company to anyone!


 Yelp.comPhiladelphia  Reviews In Philadelphia- Carpet Cleaning cleaning services Philadelphia
 I recommend Jerry! He was very professional and courteous, and the job he did on my carpet exceeded my expectations. This is the best it has looked in years. Furthermore, his prices are extremely fair, and he was very honest about the time it took to complete the job. I will definitely use his services again! carpet cleaning services philadelphia Local services carpet Cleaning


Jerry is just a solid, professional independent businessman.  He was helpful on the phone while providing an estimate, stuck to his estimate (my measurements were pretty good), did a great job, and went back over areas that I was still concerned about.
He's pleasant, easy to work with and has good equipment.
I picked this company based on the Yelp reviews and I'm happy I did.


They are not the cheapest, but they do a good job! Recommended!  Carpet is left clean and sanitized.


Excellent to work with! Jerry and his crew were on time, professional, and honest. On the phone we talked about possibly treating for pet stains on one of the carpets (which would have been more money). We decided that he could evaluate the carpets when he got here and we could decide whether or not to do it. A man of his word, he determined that our carpet probably didn't need that extra treatment. I appreciate his honesty!

Also, the cost of cleaning the carpets was not a penny more than what he quoted me over the phone. I'm sure there are people out there that quote one price but charge another--Jerry is not one of those guys.

Lastly, not only do my carpets look and smell much better, but the whole process only took about an hour! I expected it to take much longer. I am so glad that I decided to not try to clean the carpets myself as I KNOW it would have been a much bigger hassle.

Thanks Jerry and crew!