Max Impact has competitive pricing.We have the best equipment

You have To Show Up With The Best Equiptment

The truckmount system is a gas power machine that weighs about 800 pounds and has a 4 cylinder nissan engine. The water temperture gets up to 230 so sanitizing your carpets. The machine stays in the van. We just bring the hoses in. Some companys use portables which they have to bring inside your home which means they are using your electricity and your water fill up the machine which means the water they are really using cold water to clean your carpets.  They dump the dirty water out in toilet, again requiring them to use more of your water and possibly damaging your plumbing with whatever debris goes down your pipes.  Our water stays at 210 degrees to ensure we not only clean your carpet cosmetically but sanitize it protecting it from bacteria and mold growth as well. Showing up with the right equipment is the most important thing.

You can count on Impact's promptness and professionalism. Upon scheduling your appointment, an accurate time frame for the company's arrival will be given to you. Your time is valuable, Max impact Carpet Cleaning appreciates that.

If There Are Any issues what so ever. We Come Back No Questioned Asked