Area Rug Cleaning


Synthetic Area Rugs

Synthetic fibers are increasingly common area rugs, for both their malleability and resistance to stains. The material can be crafted into any shape, color, and pattern.


Jute Area Rug

Jute is a plant based fiber that can be strung into strong threads, making for a strong rug. Our example features a close up picture of the jute texture.


Cotton Area Rug

 Cotton comprises the softest fibers you’re likely to find a rug in. Versatile, strong, and pliant, cotton rugs often make a great counterpoint to hardwood flooring, as in our example model.

More Area Rugs


Silk Carpets

 Silk area  gives a soft and luxurious touch to any piece of furniture it’s woven into. This particular rug features an intricate pattern in rectangle form


Acrylic Area Rugs

Acrylic is a plastic based material, often found in modern carpets and rugs. The fibers are stain resistant, strong, and can be dyed and patterned like cotton or wool.


Wool Area Rugs

 Wool rugs are hand-woven with natural materials, while synthetic rugs are hand-tufted with the most durable but cost-effective materials. A wool rug can last for 50 years or more. Synthetic rugs usually have a lifespan of 3-5 years. Both wool area rugs and synthetic rugs are easy to clean.